Who We Are


Polycom Industries is following Quality Management System as per Guidelines under ISO 9001 in their well-equipped Laboratory & pilot plant. A Twin Extruder 20 mm line works as pilot plant to undertake New Product development as per requirement of User Industry as well as work on Properties Enhancement & Cost effectiveness. Company also undertakes Technology Development from clients in field of Engineering Plastics.

All Raw Materials like Polymer, additives, minerals, Glass fiber which are sourced from Reputed Companies are tested for validity of their test specifications to avoid any Production Quality defects.

In Process material & finish Goods are tested as per ASTM Standard for various Mechanical, Thermal & Electrical Properties. Some of the major tests carried out are as under:-

  • Moisture Content & absorption (ASTM D-570 & D-6980-12 )
  • Specific gravity (ASTM D-792 )
  • Tensile Strength & Elongation ( ASTM D-638 )
  • Flexural Strength & modulus (ASTM D-790 )
  • IZOD Impact ( ASTM D-256 )
  • Melting point (ASTM D-2117)
  • HDT (ASTM D-648 )

In addition to these tests, Flammability & Electrical Properties are also tested with help of outside reputed Testing Labs.