Who We Are

Company Overview

Land and Building

Area: 15000 Square Feet and storage ware house 4000 Square feet. In the heart of Makarpura industrial town-ship.

Production Facilities

  • Co- Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruder
  • Make specific 60 MMTSE Capacity 200 MT/month
  • Equipped with Volumetric feeder
  • Two Side feeder
  • Mineral feeder (Glass and Talc etc.)
  • Hydraulic screen changer
  • Vacuum pump cap: 700 mm of Hg
  • Air knife (Wiping excess water from strands)
  • Dry strand Pelletiser rotary carbide cutter
  • 3-Stage Classifier
  • Silo (for on line under vaccum storage) cap : 1.5 ton

Laboratory Equipped with all the latest testing facilities under one roof

  • MELT Flow index testing M/C (A-Method) (As per ASTM D 1238) with Desiccators’ Glass jar
  • Electrical Muffle Furnace Unit (Chamber Size 12 x 6 x 6 inch)
  • Hot air circulating Oven Unit Size 24 x 24 x 24 Inch, Analytical Model
  • Weighing Balance Model 200D
  • Izod impact testing machine with difference joule scale – Digital Version Digital display of readings, suitable up to 25 joules suitable as per IS-2548, ASTM D 256.

Metal Separator (Ferrous & Non ferrous) Useful to arrest foreign particles during processing recycle Polymers

  • Fully automatic vibrating feeder
  • Arrest Ferrous (S.S, ALLOY STEEL) & Non ferrous (Aluminum, Brass etc.)
  • Capacity: 500Kg/hr
  • System ensures High quality and make plastic free from foreign particles

Lump shredder &Scrap Grinder (Grinding of scrap, Strand and lumps)

  • To recycle excess scrap during process like strands and purging lumps (lump cutting cap: 24”).
  • Capacity 500 Kg/hr motor 75HP
  • System help to reduce wastage